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Our philosophy.

FOOD ON THE ROAD travels to hand over healthy, tasty and refined food - especially, quality food. We firmly believe that good eating is the most important aspect in life. For this reason, we accurately select each single ingredient, we demand from our suppliers to guarantee for a safe supply chain, we prefer organic food, and we are mainly focused on the produce of the local territory.

Our care for the details characterizes every stage in our work: from the selection of raw ingredients to the packaging. Our products are packed by exclusively using environmentally low-impact, recyclable and compostable materials.

FOOD ON THE ROAD - like all service and production activities - produces CO2 emissions, but we compensate our emissions by creating and protecting growing forests in Costa Rica.

You can visit us at one of our stores to enjoy your lunch or one of our special coffees or if you prefer you can take away your dinner.

We can reach you everywhere: in your office, at home, or even at a park if you wish to eat your meal in the open air.

Take your time! We will make it tastier.

Our values.

EXCELLENCE - We are never completely satisfied; our products and services must always improve and be of maximum quality.

RESPECT - Every action is inspired by our deep respect for the customer, the collaborators, the suppliers, the environment and for legality.

INNOVATION - It is the key factor for our success and we want to make continuous progress; we are always curious and we never find satisfaction in doing things in the same way.

ENVIRONMENT - In every stage we try to minimize our environmental impact as we believe that the environment is borrowed by us only temporarily and thus we want to protect it for future generations.

Il laboratorio

E’ il centro nevralgico ed il cuore pulsante di tutte le nostre attività. Qui creiamo le nostre proposte, da qui gestiamo il delivery e tutte le fasi di organizzazione degli eventi e dei catering. Inoltre è qui che prepariamo semilavorati per le forniture ai ristoratori.

Vacuum cooking at low temperatures

Inspiration and creativity, science and technology, all united and combined to offer the best output.

The selection of the cooking methods is fundamental to us to guarantee that raw ingredients are conveyed to the consumer’s palate with their complete properties.

JPEGThe VACUUM COOKING AT LOW TEMPERATURE is a cooking technique that allows to preserve the high quality and to reproduce the organoleptic properties of produce. This technique consists in vacuum-conditioning food and in cooking it inside a rooner at a constant temperature between 50 and 75 °C for a long interval of time. Vacuum cooking at low temp offers a series of advantages:

  • Gastronomy: It allows to concentrate the aroma and flavours while preserving the gustatory properties and softness of food.
  • Safety: Produce is inserted in vacuum-sealed bags and protected against the harmful effects of oxygen.
  • Health and diet requirements: The usage of fats and heavy substances is minimized and the food output is light and easily digestible.

The gastronomical results are of higher quality: meats get softer, meat cuts are compact, vegetables preserve their consistency and flavours are intensified thanks to vacuum-sealing.

Eco friendly packaging

Packaging amount to 60% of the volume and 40% of the weight of waste in Italy

We exclusively use packages made with vegetable-derived, recyclable and totally compostable materials. Please bear in mind the difference! A "merely" biodegradable product may even take hundreds of years to dissolve, while a product to be defined as compostable must be biodegradable and decomposable in the short term.

PLA material, manufactured by NatureWorks LLC, is made of maize starch and represents a perfect alternative solution to the usage of plastic materials in a multiplicity of applications. For examples, food films or wraps, thermoformable products such as glasses and fresh products trays.

CPLA is a trademark registered combination of PLA, talcum and other biodegradable additives. CPLA is recommended for the products requiring resistance to the heat, such as cutlery and covers for hot-beverage containers, as it is a material that does not deform at high temperatures up to 95°C.

BAGASSE is the fibrous residual of sugar cane after being pressed for the extraction of sugar. Its intrinsic strength makes it a perfect material for dishes and tableware and it can be be considered a tree-saving paper. In addition, it is an environmentally low-impact solution as it a waste material from its origin.

Our PAPER materials, such as napkins and take-away bags, are produced with 100%-recycled paper pulp that did not undergo any bleaching process.

The CARDBOARD we use is made of highly recycled material.

NATUREFLEX is a compostable film based on wood pulp coming from controlled-reforestation plantations and produced by Innovia Films.